The Xbox 360 shifts 1.4 million units in December

Microsoft Xbox Division is giving some good relief to Microsoft as it is struggling with it’s windows 8.Today Microsoft announced that it has sold  1.4 million units of Xbox 360 console . That made it the best-selling console for the 24th consecutive has month, according to the NPD Group.However, last month’s numbers were smaller than the 1.7 million units that Microsoft sold in December 2011.This is the 24th straight month that the Xbox 360 has been the top selling game console in the US, Microsoft revealed on  it’s blog .Similarly,Xbox 360 titles were also seven of the top ten console games during the month.


The Xbox 360 which was launched in late 2005 is rumored to get replaced by newer devices as company’s Xbox ambassador, Major Nelson, published a countdown clock on his website to promote the start of E3. Given that Microsoft is promoting the event 150 days in advance, it’s reasonable to assume that the company has important plans.

Meanwhile,US Gaming industry saw it’s revenue declining as entire year of 2012 saw US retail game revenues of $13.26 billion, well below that of 2011’s $17 billion. These numbers do not include revenues from downloadable game sales, subscriptions, and in-game purchases.

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